3 Common Causes Of Rear Auto Glass Damage

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3 Common Causes Of Rear Auto Glass Damage

2 August 2019
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When you think about auto glass damage, you might think about something happening to your windshield. Although it might not be as common, rear auto glass damage can happen, too. There are various things that can cause rear auto glass damage; these are some of the common causes that car owners might experience.

1. Break-Ins

When a person attempts to break into a car, they might be more prone to breaking the windshield or one of the windows. However, there is the possibility that someone could attempt to break in through the rear auto glass. This may be more common with sports utility vehicles or hatchbacks, since this makes it easier for the person who is breaking into the car to access what might be stored in the cargo area. Additionally, if someone throws a brick or rock through your windshield to break into your car, it could strike your rear auto glass from the inside and cause damage.

2. Car Accidents

In some cases, auto glass can be damaged in a car accident. If your car is hit in a rear-end collision, for example, there is a possibility that your rear auto glass could be damaged. In fact, if your car has been involved in a car accident, it is important to have your auto glass checked out to make sure there is no damage that could later lead to the glass shattering when you least expect it.

3. Storm-Related Damage

If a major storm affects your area, then your entire car could be affected. This includes your rear auto glass. For example, hail could strike your rear glass and cause chips, cracks, or shattering. If strong winds from a hurricane or serious thunderstorm cause a tree limb to fall on your car or cause debris to strike your vehicle, then this could cause damage to your rear auto glass, too.

Unfortunately, there is the possibility that any of your auto glass could be damaged at some point or another. Luckily, the same auto glass companies that help people with windshield repairs or replacements often help with other types of auto glass repair, too. If you are dealing with rear auto glass, contact a local auto glass company for help with repairing the damage or replacing the glass completely. If you have full coverage on your vehicle, then your car insurance company might pay for the damage. Some auto glass companies will even work with your car insurance company to make the process easier.