Things You Should Think About When Choosing A Glass Shower Enclosure

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Things You Should Think About When Choosing A Glass Shower Enclosure

3 January 2020
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If you are planning a bathroom remodel, you might be thinking about installing a new shower enclosure. You may even be replacing an existing tub with a standing shower enclosure. Either way, you'll need to decide what type of shower enclosure you want. The more you understand about your options and what you need to think about, the easier it will be to choose an enclosure that you will be happy with. Here's a look at some of the things you should decide along the way.

Evaluate the Space

The space available in your bathroom is pretty clearly defined. You can maximize your use of that space by finding different ways to organize things in the bathroom. You can relocate your sink, toilet, and shower enclosure during the remodel, but you need to carefully assess the space available first. Talk with your remodeling contractor about the amount of space required for your plans so that you can be sure that any enclosure you choose is the proper dimensions to fit where you want to put it.

Consider the Tray Design

Shower enclosures come with and without trays as part of the design. If you want to reduce the risk of water damage in your bathroom and minimize the potential for leaks, you should choose a shower enclosure that includes a tray. The tray is a component at the base of the shower enclosure that has a raised lip on the side to help contain water inside the shower enclosure itself.

When you opt for a shower enclosure with a tray, you don't have to worry about water running from the shower floor to the bathroom floor when you open the enclosure door to exit the shower.

Select the Glass

Glass shower enclosures are a great investment as part of a bathroom remodel because the glass panels add an elegant and modern touch to your bathroom's finish. However, what many first-time glass shower enclosure buyers don't realize is that there are many different options for the glass. 

For example, you may want clear glass for the smooth, uninterrupted appearance. However, clear glass doesn't leave you much in the way of privacy when you're in the shower. If you want the look of a glass shower enclosure but you still want some privacy in the shower, you should consider etched or smoked glass instead.

Talk with a glass shower enclosure specialist today for more information. They can help you find the enclosure that's right for your needs.