What Are Triple-Glazed Windows?

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What Are Triple-Glazed Windows?

28 August 2015
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Triple-glazed windows are high-performance windows that are great when you live in a cold climate. They have triple protection inside the window so it keeps your home as warm as possible when you have snow or ice outside. If you are planning on installing new windows in your home, you might want to consider this type of window.

There are Different Types of Triple-Glazed Windows

You should first know that there are a few different styles of triple-glazed windows to choose from. If you are new to these types of windows, you first need to pick what style you want for your home. One type of window has a spacer in each of the glazing gaps, similar to a traditional window. There is also a triple-glazed window with a center pane of glass that is sealed between the inboard and outboard sections. The final style of window has a suspended attached film that can shrink and tighten in order to allow for extra heating.

The Benefits

There are a variety of benefits to choosing triple-glazed windows for your home. One of the biggest benefits is that it provides automatic insulation for your home. With the extra panels in the windows, the cold air outside is kept outside and doesn't creep into your home through the windows. This is way they are most popular for people that live in cold climates.

Another benefit to triple-glazed windows is the fact that they decrease heat loss when you have your heater turned on, and won't cause as much condensation as some other types of windows. The windows are also more rigid and strong, so it is more difficult to break them due to hailstorms, snowstorms, and heavy winds. You might also find that the frames are reinforced and provide additional insulation.

The Drawbacks

There are also some drawbacks to these types of windows, so you should be aware of them before you invest in them. While the windows are very durable, the extra materials make them much heavier. This can make them hard to install on your own and require a professional window installer. They are not ideal for people who like to do their own window installations, so you will need a professional. You should also be aware of restrictions when opening them if you have casement windows, due to the width restrictions. Triple-glazed windows are also more expensive, both with the materials and the installation.

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