Tips For Designing A Standout Shower

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Tips For Designing A Standout Shower

13 May 2016
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The shower is usually one of your first morning stops. It's often a space where your wake up and start mentally preparing for the day. The shower stall is also a centerpiece of your bathroom's design, so it should be a standout. Design a shower stall that both facilitates your cleansing and promotes beauty in your bathroom.

Increase the Size

If you're designing a new bathroom or planning a major remodel, consider increasing the size of your shower. Of course, a bigger shower stall increases its visual impact. You could even transform the space into a shower room. Likewise, all that additional space allows you to design the stall to best accommodate your morning routine. For instance, design a two-person shower, or add seating to facilitate grooming tasks.

Add Glass Tile

Glass tile naturally shimmers even when dry. When wet, it's downright glistening. This makes glass tile work a natural choice for your shower stall. You could utilize glass as a border to standard ceramic tile. Alternatively, consider having a glass tile mosaic installed.

Include Recessed Lighting

Naturally, one method for highlighting your shower is to actually light it up. Not only does lighting draw attention to your shower stall, it also provides safety. Recessed lights are the most common types of fixtures for the shower to keep them safe from water and steam. Additionally, Home and Garden TV talks about utilizing LED bulbs in your recessed fixtures. It's also possible to track the lights, for example onto glass tile work to create even more sparkle.

Elevate the Stall

Another way to make your shower stall a centerpiece is to elevate the installation. Have steps built up, and install the shower on top of these. Opt for a glass enclosure to give the impression of a jewel case. Recessed shower lighting also complements this showcase impression.

Omit the Frames

A glass shower door is a common option. However, you could take this one step farther and select a glass shower enclosure without any frames. A frameless glass enclosure does double duty. The lack of frames helps the glass recede visually, allowing your stall to take center stage. However, the glass also reflects light back into your bathroom, increasing an airy ambience.

Frame a Glass Door

On the flip side, a major overhaul of your shower stall may not be possible. In that case, you can update the space with a glass door. The glass in the door still carries the benefits of the frameless glass enclosure. However, you can frame it with decorative holders for an artistic touch.

Increase the beauty of your shower stall with glass and other elements that make it stand out. Talk to an installer, like Alabama Glass Works Inc, for more ideas.