Avoid Voiding Your Homeowners Insurance By Hiring A Glass Repair Company To Fix A Broken Window

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Avoid Voiding Your Homeowners Insurance By Hiring A Glass Repair Company To Fix A Broken Window

17 May 2016
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If you accidentally break one of the windows in your home, you may be tempted to fix the window yourself. Even though repairing the window yourself would save you the cost of hiring a glass repair company, your homeowners insurance may not let you do the job yourself. Here's how you can find out if you're able to fix a broken window in your home yourself or if you have to hire a company that specializes in glass repair.

Read Your Homeowners Policy

Many insurance companies, Scott Saxton says, don't cover glass that has been repaired by homeowners. If you try to repair the window yourself, your insurance provider doesn't know whether the repair was made properly. Therefore, they may not want to cover claims related to the repaired glass.

To find out if your insurance provider will cover a window that you yourself repair, you can read through your homeowners insurance policy. If your policy doesn't provide coverage for glass that you repaired, there will be language stating that somewhere in the fine print of the policy. You ought to, in theory, be able to find the statements, but they may contain technical jargon that's confusing.

If you have trouble understanding the fine details of your policy, you can consult your insurance agent. (This is also an option if you simply don't want to read through all your policy's paperwork.) Your insurance agent will be able to quickly review your policy, because they know what the technical terms mean and where clauses that would address coverage of previously broken glass would be included.

Hire a Glass Repair Company

If your homeowners insurance policy is like most, you'll need to have your broken window professionally fixed by a glass repair company. Although you'll have to pay to hire such a company, you'll be glad you didn't try to cut corners by doing the job yourself if you ever need to file a claim against your insurance policy.

Prior to hiring a company, you should ask your insurance provider if there are any specific qualifications that the technicians who make the repair need to have. Your insurance company may work with specific companies, or they might have a list of requirements that the people you hire must meet in order for the work to be covered.

The next time you hear a window in your home break, don't rush to repair it yourself. First, investigate your homeowners insurance requirements, so you know whether you can fix the glass. If you can and know how to, go ahead and do the job. If you can't, though, hire a company, like Allied Glass & Mirror, to repair the broken window so that your homeowners coverage won't be compromised.