What Should I Do If My Auto Glass Cracks?

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What Should I Do If My Auto Glass Cracks?

2 June 2016
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Getting a crack in your auto glass can be frustrating, and you may be wondering if and how you should repair it. Here are some questions to ask yourself in this scenario.  

Where is the Crack?

One thing that will quickly determine whether you need to repair or not is where the glass is located. Some people will choose to put a temporary fix on a windshield crack, and this can be an okay solution in some cases. But if your crack is actually on one of the side windows, it's best just to fix it. You could risk having the window crack and get pieces inside the door, which would be a much more expensive fix. 

What Kind of Insurance Do You Have?

Another thing to check is whether your insurance will cover the windshield or window crack. You may be able to add supplementary insurance to your plan that will cover the window fix as well. It could be worthwhile to evaluate the costs of upgrading to a more comprehensive plan versus paying for the cracked window outright. 

How Much Do You Care About Cosmetics?

If you are considering a temporary fix, consider that they can get ugly. Some of the glass glues available can help to hold the window together for a temporary fix, and they may help to preserve the window's appearance. An even cheaper and uglier solution that some people use is to hold the pieces in place with duct tape to make sure that the crack doesn't spread. 

How Big is the Crack? 

It may be okay to hold off on a glass repair if the crack is just a simple pinhole, but if the crack starts spreading out to the frame it's time to get it repaired. This can create a dangerous situation where you risk having the glass split while you're in the car. 

Can You Find a Specialist?

Another thing to consider is the availability of auto glass repair in your area. If you have a local windshield repair shop, you can easily get estimates for your situation, since they can see the extent of the damage and recommend either a repair or a full replacement. You can also see your different replacement options in person if you are interested in replacing the glass with a tinted or specially treated window. Visiting a specialist, like Becky's Glass Works, in person is a great way to make a final decision if you're unsure what to do with your window.