Four Options For Glass Repair

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Four Options For Glass Repair

3 June 2016
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If you're looking to fix broken glass, it's important to note that there are a number of options. Here are some of the best options for glass repair and replacement, ordered from least to most expensive. 

DIY Fixes

There are a number of DIY fixes on the market for broken window glass. Most involve using strong adhesive to seal the broken pieces together. This can be a good option to try if the glass is not creating a critical safety hazard in your home. 

Glass Repair 

Another option to consider is having a glass repair shop try to fix the crack or stop it from spreading. One thing they can do is score an arc at the end of the crack to reduce pressure on the crack and keep it from splitting any further. They may also use sanding techniques to reduce the shards on the glass, which can further scratch and weaken the glass. Some glass repair studios will also use glue as a measure for repairing glass. 

Pane Replacement

There are a few reasons to consider replacing a window pane entirely rather than repairing the crack. Depending on the way that you repair a window crack, it can still tend to let air in from outside, affecting the insulation in your home. A crack that isn't properly fixed can also be inviting to burglars, since they will know that the window is vulnerable to being broken. 

While replacing the entire window can be expensive, your glass repair shop may also be able to simply replace the window pane and leave the frame as is. They will need to cut a new piece of glass to match the size, shape, and thickness of your window frame, so this probably isn't a do-it-yourself repair. 

Frame Replacement

The final option is to replace the entire window frame and the window pane. While this is the most expensive option, there are a few situations where it's also the most appropriate. For instance, your old window frame might have had a really thick piece of glass in it that would be expensive to replace. In that case, replacing the frame along with the window might actually be a cheaper option.  If you have any concerns about matching the aesthetics of the glass and pane or about getting the proper insulation, then choosing a brand new frame with matching glass can address these concerns.

A glass repair shop like One Cut Glass should be able to help you evaluate each concern and choose the best window repair method for you.