Have A Problematic Glare In Your Home During The Day? The Best Window Treatment Options

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Have A Problematic Glare In Your Home During The Day? The Best Window Treatment Options

7 July 2016
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If you have a lot of open windows in your great room or another room in your home, and it causes a lot of glare problems when you're trying to watch television or use screens, you want to come up with a solution before you end up with headaches and other problems. There are a lot of window covering options you can look into, so you don't have to get up and try to cover the windows throughout the day. Talk with the window and glass experts in your area about the following choices.


Have the residential glass replacement professionals come to the house to put tint on the windows that are causing glares and irritations, or have them replace the glass with glass that is already tinted and glazed. The tinting is going to keep direct sunlight out of the room so you don't have reflections and glares in your screens, and it's going to help keep the room cool to help with energy savings. This is a great option for large windows that may contribute to heat loss in the winter.

Automatic Blinds

There are automatic blinds that will start to provide shade throughout the day at the times when the sun is hitting directly in your room, and there are also windows with the blinds built in between the glass panes. Both of these automatic options will be incredibly helpful when it comes to keeping out the glare, and you won't have to get up and open and close the blinds by hand all the time. The timers and sensors will open the windows at the appropriate times of day, and close the blinds when directed.

 Exterior Overhangs and Awnings

An awning that goes out past the windows to shield sun from coming through at different times of the day is an option if you don't want blinds, but this is going to affect the exterior aesthetic appeal of your home. You'll have to look at the options and how much shade they will provide to see if they are worth the investment.

If the sunlight glaring into your room throughout the day is great for making the room seem open and bright, but can be a nuisance at certain times when you want to watch television or sit in front of the computer, find the best covering options. Treating the glass or controlling the blinds may be the be the easiest options.