Want an Easy-to-Use Bathroom? Consider Getting a Shower Door Without an Actual Door

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Want an Easy-to-Use Bathroom? Consider Getting a Shower Door Without an Actual Door

28 September 2016
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Once you own a home, you will have a lot of freedom with how you alter the property. It is possible to make substantial adjustments to any bathroom, even if some of the projects require you to get building permits. If you are interested in having a home that is not only easy to use but also easy to maintain, you should consider certain features that can make this a reality. For instance, smart toilets are a perfect example because they are known for having a self-cleaning feature that takes the responsibility out of your hands. It is also worth investing in a shower door that does not have a door leading into the shower area.

Walk In and Out Hands Free

The great thing about an open shower enclosure is that you do not have to worry about using your hands for getting in and out of the place where you will be getting all cleaned up. If you are bringing a few supplies into the shower, such as new bottles of shampoo and conditioner, you can hold them in your hands, walk right into the shower space and set them on an unoccupied storage shelf. This is a minor perk, but it is something that you will appreciate having when ease of use is one of your top priorities.

Have One Less Part to Clean

It is important to clean your entire bathroom, along with the shower enclosure, but not having an actual shower door to worry about will naturally reduce your overall cleaning responsibilities. It might not amount to saving that much time when you are cleaning the bathroom, but it is worth taking note of. You do not have to worry about a framed or frameless shower door causing you problems. Also, since you can get the rest of the shower door built in a way that is not framed, rust will not be an issue at all.

Save Money

When you use less material, you are going to save money. So, while a framed shower door can run somewhere between $190 and $350, with a frameless door costing a little more, you can reduce how much you have to pay by only getting enough glass to create separation for your glass shower area. The door is typically attached to the rest of the glass, but in this situation, you will be able to skip it altogether.

A shower enclosure without a shower door might seem a little strange, but it is an ingenious idea when you would like to minimize the work that it takes to use and maintain your bathroom.