Perform These Maintenance Procedures To Keep Your Shower Enclosure Working Properly

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Perform These Maintenance Procedures To Keep Your Shower Enclosure Working Properly

13 October 2016
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Taking care of the shower enclosure in your bathroom will ensure that it looks its best each time you enter the room. However, maintaining this enclosure is about more than wiping it down after use to keep mildew at bay. There are a few other jobs that you should do to ensure that the shower enclosure functions as desired. You don't need to be particularly familiar with home maintenance projects to get these tasks done. A little effort and some careful instruction and you'll be on the right path to keeping your enclosure in tip-top shape. Here are some jobs to do.

Replace The Door Seal When Needed

The rubber seal on the bottom of the door plays an integral role in keeping water from your shower inside the enclosure, rather than out in a puddle on the floor of your bathroom. If you begin to see water escaping the shower, you know that it's time to replace the door seal, which can wear out over time. Although the door seals can vary by the style of the shower, removing the old one is typically a matter of pulling it out. You can then take it to a home supply store, buy the proper replacement (cutting it to length, if necessary) and then slide it back into place.

Seal The Grout

If the walls or floor of your shower enclosure are made of tile, it's advantageous to seal the grout regularly. Sealing the grout protects it in a couple ways. If you frequently shower with dirty feet — for example, after working in the garden in sandals — the prolonged exposure to dirt can discolor the grout if it's not sealed. Additionally, the water that pools on the shower floor can weaken the grout over time. Sealing the grout is as simple as buying a bottle of sealant and a brush, and then applying the solution directly over the dry grout, based on the instructions on the bottle.

Clean Out The Drain

The drain in the floor of your shower enclosure can use some regular attention, too. Through regular usage, the drain can amass an assortment of hair, which can slow the flow of water from the shower enclosure through the drain. You don't want to be standing in half an inch of dirty water, so unscrew the drain cover and stick a snake down the drain to retrieve any clogged hair. You should do this job whenever the flow of water seems slow.

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