4 Common Automobile Windshield Issues

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4 Common Automobile Windshield Issues

13 January 2017
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You may not think about your car's windshield very often, but it needs care and maintenance just like the rest of your automobile. Some issues with your windshield's glass need immediate attention, while others should be taken care of in a timely manner.  Here are different types of windshield issues you may encounter:

Scratched Glass

Scratches on your windshield can make it very hard to see through the glass, which can be dangerous. Having scratches on your windshield may not hurt the integrity of the glass, but if you have several big scratches it may be time to replace your windshield. If you want to help prevent scratches on your windshield, make sure you replace your windshield wipers when they become dried out and cracked.

Chips in the Glass

Rocks and other debris on the road can hit your windshield and cause small chips in the glass. While these are typically small in size, they shouldn't be ignored. A small chip can splinter and turn into a large crack over time, so it is in your best interest to visit an auto glass repair shop when you have a chip in your windshield. If you take care of the chip promptly, it can usually be repaired and you will not need to replace your whole windshield.

Large Cracks

Large cracks in your windshield are problematic for many reasons. Firstly, cracks can impede your line of vision and make it hard for you to see the road clearly, which can cause a car accident. Cracks in the glass can also make your windshield unstable, and if a small rock hits your windshield or you drive over a pothole, there is a possibility that your cracked windshield can shatter. Extreme heat or cold can also cause negative effects on a cracked windshield. Some cracks may be able to be filled and repaired, but when you have large cracks in the windshield you will probably need to replace the glass.

Shattered Glass

If any area of your car's windshield has shattered, it is important to have the windshield replaced immediately. Even a small shattered section of glass needs attention right away. Driving with a shattered windshield is extremely dangerous and can cause great injury if any of the glass pieces enter the cabin of the car. In addition, the windshield provides support for a car's roof, so if any part of the glass is shattered the car roof could possible collapse in places.