Three Mistakes That Can Damage Your Commercial Automatic Door

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Three Mistakes That Can Damage Your Commercial Automatic Door

27 May 2017
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An automatic sliding glass door can create a welcoming entrance for your business, as well as being useful to customers whose hands may be laden down with purchases. Of course, the door is only welcoming if it is operating correctly. The following are some mistakes that can cause damage to your automatic glass doors.

#1: Letting the track get dirty

Automatic glass doors operate within a track with rollers. Dirt and debris can build up inside the track, causing the wheels to jam and stop turning. Next thing you know, the door will no longer open or close. The bottom track is naturally most prone to this problem, but dirt can also get into the top track. At least once a week, over ride the automatic feature and open the door manually so that it stays open. Take this opportunity to fully clean out the top and bottom track. If a lot of dirt is tracked into your business or if you see heavy foot traffic, consider investing in a small hand held vacuum so your staff can vacuum out any loose debris on a daily basis.

#2: Ignoring your sensor system

Most modern automatic glass doors use infrared sensor technology to know when to open or close. If you have an older door, though, you may have a pressure sensitive mat. Both mats and sensors must be placed and the sensitivity set so that the door opens easily and in advance of an approaching person. Otherwise, you may end up with people stomping on the mat or trying to force the door open manually, and both can lead to damage. It's also vital that you know the range of the sensor. You don't want to set any displays or other items in a position that would trigger the sensor and put unnecessary wear on the door.

#3: Skipping regular maintenance

All automatic doors require maintenance beyond regular cleaning. Depending on the foot traffic at your business, have the door served once or twice a year. Motors and any belts or pulleys should be inspected and repaired or replaced as needed. The rollers should also be thoroughly inspected. It's not uncommon for a roller to require a repacking of the bearings or a full replacement. Your repair technician should finish up by removing the door from the tracks. This will allow them to full clean all rollers and the underside of the track and door, as well as to apply fresh lubrication to all moving parts and friction points.

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