Patio Enclosure System Quesions And Answers

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Patio Enclosure System Quesions And Answers

17 November 2017
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Your patio will be an area of your property that you may use on a frequent basis. However, there can be days when the weather will not be very suitable for spending time outdoors. By enclosing the patio, you can help to ensure that the patio is comfortable and enjoyable, regardless of the weather.

What Is Involved With Enclosing A Patio?

The process of enclosing a patio may seem like it will be a major task, but it is often simpler than homeowners may anticipate. For smaller patios, there are pre-constructed panel walls that can be installed. These panels will be made of large panes of glass so that your view from the patio will be preserved. These panels will be anchored along the perimeter of the patio before a roof covering is put into place. In most instances, the patio will be able to be enclosed in a day or two so that you can start enjoying the benefits of an enclosed patio as soon as possible.

Will A Patio Enclosure Be Susceptible To Storm Damage?

Some individuals will be hesitant about enclosing their patios due to concerns about the glass enclosure suffering storm damage. In particular, individuals may be concerned about the glass enclosure suffering breaks or cracks from items hitting the glass. Luckily, the glass that is used in these enclosures will be designed to withstand the strong impacts that may occur. Another concern may be water leaking into the enclosed area. These enclosures are able to minimize this risk by utilizing weatherstripping to close any gaps that may allow water to seep into the enclosure.

What If You Want To Open Up The Enclosure On Pleasant Days?

On days when the temperature is comfortable and the sun is shining, you may want to be able to open up the patio so that you can enjoy the fresh air. There are patio enclosure designs that will allow you to do this. With these systems, you will be able to slide one of the wall panels open or completely remove it. For those that have physical conditions that will prevent them from moving these panels, there are motorized enclosure opening systems that can be installed. With these systems, you will be able to open and close the enclosed patio without exerting yourself. While a motorized system will be a more expensive option, the freedom it can provide can greatly enhance your experience with using the patio.