3 Distress Signals Your Windows Are Sending Out

After buying your home, have you realized you need to replace some windows? Learn more about finding the right glass manufacturer.

3 Distress Signals Your Windows Are Sending Out

2 May 2018
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Owning a home can be challenging at times because there are so many tasks to protect this large real estate investment. Fortunately, certain updates can not only add appeal, but also a great deal of value to your home. While surprising to learn, new vinyl replacement windows can offer you an estimated 85 percent return on your investment. Of course, knowing when it is time to invest in new windows is important. If you are noticing these signals, your windows are sending you a distress call, telling you it is most likely time to replace your windows.


If you are noticing condensation forming in the center of your window's glass, you most likely have a gas leak inside the window panes. It is important to note that once the glass leaks out, your windows will not provide insulation, which can lead to increased heating and cooling costs.

Even though you may believe you can fix the area where the gas is leaking, that is not actually true. Replacing the window is the only option if you are dealing with this condensation.

Difficulty Opening/Closing

In some cases, opening and closing your windows can be difficult due to the buildup of dirt, debris, and moisture. Also, normal settling of your home can cause your windows to move slightly, making them a little difficult to open and close. However, if you are noticing multiple windows are sticking when open and closing, it is time for new windows.

Both wood and vinyl windows have springs that operate with tension to open and close the windows. As your windows age, the spring mechanisms will wear down, too, decreasing their function.

Replacing them is smart if you can no longer open and close your windows with ease.

Noticeable Drafts

Last, but definitely not least, noticeable drafts around your windows is a sure sign you need to replace them.

Air leaking into your home through the windows is most likely due to poorly-insulated glass panes or worn weather-stripping around the window sashes.

Replacing the old windows with new energy-efficient units with a low U-value. The lower the u-value, the more insulation the window provides.

If your windows are already considered energy efficient and you are not having any other issues, consider replacing the weather-stripping to reduce drafts.

Your windows are imperative parts of your home, so proper understanding is crucial. This guide will help you determine when your windows need to be replaced. Contact a service, like Economy Glass Inc, for more help.