Glass Shower Doors Vs. Shower Curtain

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Glass Shower Doors Vs. Shower Curtain

6 February 2019
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If you're remodeling your bathroom and wondering if you should go with a shower curtain or have a glass shower door installed instead, you should weigh the pros and cons of each. Both are fine for a bathroom, but which you choose depends on what your lifestyle is and what you prefer. Read on for some of the pros and cons of glass shower doors and shower curtains to help you decide.

Raise Home's Value

Glass shower doors can add value and beauty to your home. If you are planning on selling your home in the future, the glass shower doors may be a big selling point for your home. It can make your bathroom look updated and give it a clean and sleek look. Shower curtains can also look nice and be appealing on the eyes, which can be changed whenever you want to change your style of the bathroom.

Easy To Clean

You may think that glass shower doors are not easy to clean, but they are easier to keep clean than a mildew filled shower curtain. Shower curtains can build up with mold and mildew, and although you can simply take the old one down and install a new one, you are now having to touch the mold and mildew. Shower doors can be cleaned with bathroom cleaner or glass cleaner. Using a product such as Jet Dry can also help keep your shower doors clean, as well as using a squeegee to get rid of excess water. Keep the squeegee in the shower and use it after each shower. It cuts down on how often you need to clean your doors and reduces hard water buildup.

Easy Open And Close

Glass shower doors are easy to open and close, much like a shower curtain, although sometimes shower curtain rings can stick with time. Shower doors can slide easily. This is good for those that have a hard time such as younger children and older people.

Adds Light

The glass shower doors can give you more light in the bathroom. Shower curtains, unless you use a clear one will block off some of the light in the bathroom and can also make the bathroom appear smaller. Installing glass shower doors can help open up the bathroom and give it better lighting.

If you are remodeling your existing bathroom, or building a new home and aren't sure if you want glass shower doors or just a shower curtain, glass shower doors have a lot of pros and can even add value to your home. Contact a glass shower door contractor to have doors installed in your bathroom.