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Three Mistakes That Can Damage Your Commercial Automatic Door

27 May 2017
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An automatic sliding glass door can create a welcoming entrance for your business, as well as being useful to customers whose hands may be laden down with purchases. Of course, the door is only welcoming if it is operating correctly. The following are some mistakes that can cause damage to your automatic glass doors. #1: Letting the track get dirty Automatic glass doors operate within a track with rollers. Dirt and debris can build up inside the track, causing the wheels to jam and stop turning. Read More …

4 Common Automobile Windshield Issues

13 January 2017
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You may not think about your car's windshield very often, but it needs care and maintenance just like the rest of your automobile. Some issues with your windshield's glass need immediate attention, while others should be taken care of in a timely manner.  Here are different types of windshield issues you may encounter: Scratched Glass Scratches on your windshield can make it very hard to see through the glass, which can be dangerous. Read More …

Perform These Maintenance Procedures To Keep Your Shower Enclosure Working Properly

13 October 2016
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Taking care of the shower enclosure in your bathroom will ensure that it looks its best each time you enter the room. However, maintaining this enclosure is about more than wiping it down after use to keep mildew at bay. There are a few other jobs that you should do to ensure that the shower enclosure functions as desired. You don't need to be particularly familiar with home maintenance projects to get these tasks done. Read More …

Want an Easy-to-Use Bathroom? Consider Getting a Shower Door Without an Actual Door

28 September 2016
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Once you own a home, you will have a lot of freedom with how you alter the property. It is possible to make substantial adjustments to any bathroom, even if some of the projects require you to get building permits. If you are interested in having a home that is not only easy to use but also easy to maintain, you should consider certain features that can make this a reality. Read More …

Choosing Doors For The Patio

23 August 2016
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If your home has a deck or outdoor patio, you might want to enclose the area so that you can still enjoy the space when it's raining or cool outside. You'll need to get new glass doors for the space, and because they face out to the world you'll need to be careful about the kinds of patio doors you choose. Use the information that follows to guide you as you look for appropriate patio glass doors. Read More …