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Tips For Choosing Obscure Glass For Your Shower Doors

19 May 2016
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If you are tired of having your shower curtain stick to your backside every time that you bend over while showering, then installing glass shower doors is a wonderful solution to this problem. By choosing shower doors that contain obscure glass, you can also maintain the same level of privacy that you previously had using a shower curtain. Additionally, glass shower doors will elevate the aesthetic in your bathroom and will be easier to keep clean. Read More …

Three Windshield Problems: Causes And Repair Options

18 May 2016
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It's vital that the front windshield on your car is kept in good condition. Chips, cracks, and scratches can all inhibit visibility, making your vehicle less safe to operate. Some damage, like cracks, can even compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle. The following are three issues that can affect your window along with what you need to do to fix the problem. Issue: Rock Chips Small chips, usually those smaller than a quarter, can often be repaired. Read More …

Avoid Voiding Your Homeowners Insurance By Hiring A Glass Repair Company To Fix A Broken Window

17 May 2016
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If you accidentally break one of the windows in your home, you may be tempted to fix the window yourself. Even though repairing the window yourself would save you the cost of hiring a glass repair company, your homeowners insurance may not let you do the job yourself. Here's how you can find out if you're able to fix a broken window in your home yourself or if you have to hire a company that specializes in glass repair. Read More …

Tips For Designing A Standout Shower

13 May 2016
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The shower is usually one of your first morning stops. It's often a space where your wake up and start mentally preparing for the day. The shower stall is also a centerpiece of your bathroom's design, so it should be a standout. Design a shower stall that both facilitates your cleansing and promotes beauty in your bathroom. Increase the Size If you're designing a new bathroom or planning a major remodel, consider increasing the size of your shower. Read More …

What Are Triple-Glazed Windows?

28 August 2015
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Triple-glazed windows are high-performance windows that are great when you live in a cold climate. They have triple protection inside the window so it keeps your home as warm as possible when you have snow or ice outside. If you are planning on installing new windows in your home, you might want to consider this type of window. There are Different Types of Triple-Glazed Windows You should first know that there are a few different styles of triple-glazed windows to choose from. Read More …